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Nolensville: The New Luxury Hot Spot


  Nolensville, The New Luxury Home-Buyer Destination   I believe Nolensville is one of Williamson County’s best kept secrets… but not for long! I have the privilege of listing a gorgeous home in Nolensville for $1.3Million (click …

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5 Ways to Avoid a Real Estate Bidding War

Bidding War

  Going to go look at a hot property that might be the one? Here are some ways to make sure no one else beats you to the punch:   1. Be ready to submit an offer. Many …

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It only takes 7 seconds.

Seven Seconds Icon

You only have 7 seconds! Did you know that according to the National Association of Realtors research, buyers looking for a new home on the internet spend only 7 seconds looking at each listing before they decide …

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